Falcon’s Hollow

This is where our Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition) campaign is currently based. It may remain based here, who knows, we’re all making it up as we go along. (If any of my players are seeing this – this is actually how Falcon’s Hollow will look when you get back to it after your current expedition. So don’t look because spoilers.)

Falcon's Hollow

If you’re familiar with the Pathfinder campaign world of Golarion, the name Falcon’s Hollow may ring a bell. For our campaign, to save myself a bit of work, I’ve taken various chunks of Golarion and mixed them all up into a new continent. I’ve taken some of the broad strokes of the Pathfinder work and laid my own details on top. And I change my mind every five minutes about what’s what anyway – and this is even before my players wreck everything.

Anyway, the map! I followed the excellent tutorial at fantasticmaps.com – a tutorial which encouraged me to finally get a graphics tablet (life changing) and a subscription to Photoshop CC – and managed to knock this up. It’s important to make clear that I have very little artistic talent and, sure, there are much better gaming maps out there – but I think this looks pretty good. I cannot overstate how eye-opening the Fantastic Maps tutorial is.


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